Eco Grants are now available towards installing cavity wall and loft insulation to make homes more energy efficient. Typical homes can save up to £350 per year by having loft* and cavity wall** insulation installed.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) was introduced by the government in January 2013 to reduce the UK’s energy consumption.

Under ECO, energy suppliers including British Gas, E.ON, Npower, Scottish Power, SSE and EDF are obliged to pay for insulation in domestic homes.

Grants in your area

Blaby area – for information on the grants in the Blaby district visit Energy Advice (

Melton area – for information on the grants in the Melton district visit Home Energy (

Who qualifies for Free Insulation Grants?

There are two main types of Insulation Grants

1. 100% Free grant under LA Flex. We currently work in partnership with Melton, Hinckley & Bosworth, Harborough and Blaby District Councils. Under LA Flex, grants are available for *Loft and **Cavity Wall insulation, if you pay council tax within these districts – you could qualify for up to 100% grant funding.

Up to 100% grants are available for Loft and Cavity Wall insulation under LA Flex regardless of whether you receive state benefits and you will not be means tested.

2. Grants in any other geographical area, if you receive qualifying state benefits.

Please contact our office to arrange a free insulation inspection and / or to check which state benefits qualify for FREE insulation grants.

*Subject to a free survey – existing loft insulation must be 100mm or less
**Subject to a free survey